In the beginning, there was one Frigate Studio, the company founded by Vahan Arsenyan in 2003. Today, there is again one Frigate Studio, in 8 countries and 13 offices. We are one doorway to a creative network, re-founded to make brands matter in a complex, noisy, hyper-connected world. 

Since setting the Frigate web studio afloat in 2003, we have divided everything into “before” and “after”. The Frigate is a fresh sea breeze. Things that came before are long gone, things that come after will never repeat themselves.

Not only do our experts treat their job with thoroughness and responsibility but we also select our clients based on the same principles. Many clients are turned down, and they often fail to understand that the reason is not our inability to do something, but our delicacy with regard to the issue.

Our Team



UX/UI Design

Designing meaningful and innovative digital experiences that forge a connection with your customers.

Front-End Development

Building intuitive, useful and accessible web solutions that power the transaction and empower your team.

Mobile App Design & Development

Uniting marketing with technology to drive innovation.


Planning integrated solutions to deliver against your business objectives.


Driving profitable engagement through the strategic use of marketing channels.


Offering advanced data analytics to realize measurable and actionable insights.